Home Users

1. The above prices do not include the 18% GST tax.

2. All plans are of Pre-Pay model.

3. The Tariff Offers or Plans are subject to the Orders or Directions or Guidelines issued by TRAI/ DoT.

4. iFiberNet reserves the right to withdraw or modify the tariff plans without any prior notice.

5. The indicated Download/ Upload speed is according to our ISP node. The mentioned Broadband speed in a plan is the maximum prescribed speed available or entitled to a Customer, and iFiberNet does not bear any assurance that the mentioned speed shall be maintained seamlessly and the variations occur due to technical reasons, network congestion, or unavoidable circumstances.


Business Users

For business users, we provide:

1. A wide range of end to end connectivity solutions.

2. The highly usable services: Bandwidth on Demand, Super Fast Connectivity, and Co-location.

3. Advanced technologies and adept support for providing cost-effective and seamless internet connectivity solutions.