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Services for Enterprises

We offer huge bandwidth with seamless internet connectivity, which is suitable for your enterprise requirements.

Ultra Fast Broadband

Our High-Speed Broadband which offers speeds up to 100 Mbps, is bundled with symmetrical speed and unlimited usage.

Value Added Services

Exhilarating Value Added Services, especially for entertainment, are provided along with the high-speed internet.


The adept optical cable infrastructure lets you enjoy high-speed internet streaming for your home or work purposes.

Wi-Fi Hotspot

Lets you connect smartphones, tablets, laptops, TVs, etc. seamlessly, to create and enjoy a viable home network.

Network Security

Adept security measures are implemented to secure the data in the network.

Developer Tie-Up

EXCEL broadband infrastructure and technicalities are offered.

EIA (Enterprise Internet Access)

Subscribe for the precise bandwidth requirements of your business.


We are No.1 Internet Service

Provider In Nalgonda District

Trishul Giga Fiber is found on the core principles of connecting people via the internet, provide high-quality services by implementing the technological advancements, and offer adept help center to maintain high customer satisfaction.


Our Features

We know that reliable internet connectivity is very important for your home or work purposes, and hence, we provide the utmost reliable internet connectivity for you.

Switch on your longing for the in-house entertainment, by connecting with the futuristic application of ours.

Our high-speed internet, which supports symmetrical speed, high download, and upload speeds, is an impeccable way to connect with the traits in the future. It lets you:

Advanced TV modes: qHD, Ultra HD, and 3D
Online Gaming with High-End Graphics
Video On-demand
High Definition (HD) Video Conferencing

We offer various broadband plans up to 100Mbps, and all these plans support high-speed internet streaming. Do you want to get one? Just call us, and we will help you in choosing the best plan according to your requirements and budget.

Trishul Giga Fiber offers affordable internet plans for you, which feature high bandwidths and internet speeds. Well, we are always within your reach, and provide highly Value for Money services.

We know that any interruption in the broadband services will cause unwanted inconvenience and loss for you. Hence we are geared up with an adept customer support to serve you relentlessly. We will respond quickly to your issues, and rectify them within the best possible time.


Mahavir R

I am very much impressed to their services. when I call my connection is lost then they respond very gently and fix the problem within an hour. The plans are also very reasonable.